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This protocol has been developed with careful thought, research and input from a veterinarian to ensure it is both effective, and SAFE. In addition to the herbal combination given by capsule to your dog, you will also administer a liver & kidney protective complex to ensure your pet’s organ health throughout the process. Additionally, you will give a supplement in capsule form to assist in reducing inflammation and to assist the body in breaking down the dead heartworms. You will receive an easy-to-follow dosing chart, based on your pet’s weight and (if you know it) their level of heartworm disease.

You may also receive a list of recommended supplements (if applicable to your dog’s case) that can help increase your pet’s overall health, links to information regarding better nutrition for your pet, and email support to help you through the process.

The process is simple: once you place your order, you will receive a detailed guide by email to walk you through the dosing process. I will immediately begin processing your order to ship out with everything you need for the duration of treatment. You will follow the dosing chart provided to you, and administer the natural remedies – provided in capsule, tablet and/or dropper form – to your dog, along with a meal or a pill treat. This is a very easy regimen – I spell it all out for your very quickly and am just an email away for help.

The natural protocol kit includes:

  • Herbal heartworm treatment and renal supportive supplements in capsule and tablet form
  • Customized dosing chart according to your pet’s weight and (if known) level of heartworm disease*
    • *There are four classes, or stages, of heartworm disease.  The higher the class, the worse the disease and the more obvious the symptoms.
      • Class 1:  No symptoms or mild symptoms such as an occasional cough.
      • Class 2:  Mild to moderate symptoms such as an occasional cough and tiredness after moderate activity.
      • Class 3:  General loss of body condition, a persistent cough, and tiredness after mild activity.  Trouble breathing and signs of heart failure are common. For class 2 and 3 heartworm disease, heart and lung changes are usually seen on chest x-rays. ***Your pet will require a longer dosing regimen (3 rounds of treatment).
      • Class 4:  Also called caval syndrome.  There is such a heavy worm burden that blood flowing back to the heart is physically blocked by a large mass of worms. Caval syndrome is life-threatening and quick surgical removal of the heartworms is the only treatment option.  The surgery is risky, and even with surgery, most dogs with caval syndrome die. *** If your dog has a very high wormload (microfilariae count) or is in canal syndrome, this is an EMERGENCY and your pet needs immediate medical attention. Do NOT purchase this system – go straight to the vet!
  • Detailed, downloadable guide outlining the ingredients, background information on each ingredient and how they work in combination to kill both adult worms and microfilariae (baby worms) in a safe manner over the course of approximately 3 months*, minimizing the risk of the “fast die-off” that comes with immiticide treatment.

*dogs with higher worm burden or advanced disease may require longer treatment

  • Instructions on follow-up blood tests to track the progress of treatment
  • List of additional recommended natural supplements which help the body improve overall health (if applicable)
  • Links to resources from a Certified Canine Nutritionist on improving your pet’s diet – diet forms the foundation of overall health, afterall!
  • Ongoing personal email support throughout the whole process