Who Am I?

50392800_231070454467377_6950425500716105728_nFirst and foremost, I am a dog Mom to Gracie, Carli & Flyer – all rescues from Caribbean Islands! I am a Certified Canine Nutritionist with a nutrition consulting and natural dog products business called homeoPAWthic.

I am actively involved in rescuing dogs from the Caribbean Islands – many of whom come to us in very poor health, and very often with Heartworm Disease. Realizing the devastating effects that traditional Heartworm treatments had on these dogs who already have compromised immune systems, and having to work within the budget of a registered, non-profit charity – I realized there HAD to be a better way!

This protocol has been used to successfully treat hundreds of dogs around the world – and the results speak for themselves! Microfilariae counts often drop to zero after the first round of treatment! We have seen NO side effects with the dogs we have treated, and the risks to the animal are greatly reduced. Read more on the protocol to learn about the benefits, how it works, and how to properly assess the risks of various treatments. This program has been adopted by veterinarians on several of the islands we work with including Antigua and Roatan, and this is now their “go-to” method for treating heartworm. There are likely hundreds more being treated on these island with success.

I am not an accredited veterinary professional – the information contained in this website is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice. This information is based on factual, personal experiences using this protocol, under the guidance of our veterinarian, and using the advice of various well-respected herbalists and holistic animal health advocates.